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Contactless Information Exchange The Smart Shift to Contactless Information

Ditch paper for good. With, step into the era of contactless info exchange. It’s all about sharing and tracking data without the clutter, making every interaction count.

Why Choose

Because it’s not just about going digital; it’s about smart, efficient, and sustainable communication. From tracking engagement through real-time KPIs to enabling dynamic, two-way exchanges, puts you in control of your data.

Our Edge? Continuous Updates and More

Our platform doesn’t just exchange info; it keeps it alive and kicking. Update content on the fly, ensuring your audience always has the latest. Say goodbye to static info and hello to a vibrant, ever-evolving dialogue.

Tracking and Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Monitor how your information is shared and engaged with. Our tools let you see the impact of your communications, fine-tune your strategies, and achieve your KPIs, all in a seamless, paperless environment.

Start Simple, Scale Fast

Begin with something as basic as your business card but don’t stop there. Every piece of information shared via is a step towards a more efficient, paperless, and insightful future.

Ready for the Future of Information? isn’t just another digital platform; it’s your partner in redefining how information is shared and tracked. Join us in moving towards a world where communication is not just instant but also impactful.

Together we can significantly reduce paper use aims to pioneer the transformation of corporate information delivery from paper-based to digital processes, promoting environmental and social responsibility whilst offering cutting-edge, productivity-boosting solutions to businesses of all sizes. We envisage making a significant contribution to global sustainability, by drastically reducing unnecessary paper and ink consumption by the end of this decade. Read more of our vision statement.

And we'll plant two trees on your behalf for every purchased. Find our more about our forest. is a simple and transparent proposition

All QR Codes start at £1 per month for a 12 month commitment and £2 per month if you prefer a no-commitment 30 day basis.

We offer setup and basic management at no extra cost and every includes unlimited updates.

The Platform enables you to get started quickly using one of our ready-to-go templates, but any custom design is possible.

We make it easy for you to easily manage your Ban.gls, and offer real time usage alerts as well as features to update, add, delete and organise your Ban.gls and export statistics for rich data analysis and informed decision making.

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