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First Responder

The First Responder provides your details when you cannot.

It's completely free and includes both an installable micro-app for compatible smartphones and a QR Code, designed to be scanned by a first responder.

Available to both individuals and businesses. Keep the app in your home screen and add the QR code to your phone case, wallet, staff pass, anywhere a first responder is likely to look.

Create Your First Responder

Registration is required in order to manage the

What is the First Responder? First Responder provides a means for an individual to store vital emergency use information and have that information available to a first responder via a simple QR Code. It's completely up to the individual what and how much information they deem appropriate, but at the very least, it should include their name. To be really useful to First Responders, we'd actually recommend at least name, DOB, existing medical conditions, and known allergies.

Who's this for

This is great for anyone, but when used for children, we'd recommend no more than a guardian's name and their contact number. For the elderly, include their name, medication, and pertinent conditions such as Alzheimer's, along with next of kin.

Whatever you decide appropriate, this allows first responders to access your vital details instantly, aiding in efficient and accurate emergency response.

Utility and Ease of Use

The tool can be utilised by printing and attaching the QR code to personal items such as wallets and phone cases, or by incorporating it into the design of building and staff passes. Additionally, it's available as a downloadable app for compatible smartphones, ensuring that it's always at hand when most needed.

Why It's Free

We believe in making safety accessible to everyone. Offering the First Responder Tool at no cost is our way of contributing to enhanced community safety and preparedness.

How You Can Implement It

Getting started is straightforward:

  1. Create an account, for free, in less than 30 seconds.
  2. Make your First Responder
  3. Make as many more as you like.
  4. Or sit back, contact us, and we'll handle everything for you if you prefer.

For businesses with multiple's to create, contact us for assistance. We are here to assist you in setting up and managing the entire process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

For all enquiries email