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Environmental Policy Statement aims to pioneer the transformation of information delivery, from paper-based to digital processes, promoting environmental and social responsibility whilst offering cutting-edge, productivity-boosting solutions for businesses of all sizes, large corporations, government bodies and non-government organisations.

As a dedicated software development consultancy, ltd. recognises the significance of environmental responsibility in our operations. We are committed to implementing practices that promote sustainability and minimise our environmental impact.


  • We strive for ongoing improvement in our management system to boost our environmental performance.
  • We acknowledge the potential environmental effects of our activities and employ diligent measures to mitigate risks and enhance positive impacts.
  • We comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and stakeholder requirements, reinforcing our commitment to fulfilling our compliance duties.
  • We maintain a management system aligned with the industry standards to enhance our environmental performance continually.
  • Our environmental protocols are fully embedded into our overall management systems, reflecting our dedication to these principles.
  • We educate our employees, clients, and suppliers about our environmental policy through regular communication and training.
  • This statement is openly displayed and distributed within our company to ensure awareness and adherence to our commitments.


Responsible Technology Development

  • We commit to developing software and solutions that are sustainable and adhere to best practices, fostering responsible consumption and minimising waste.
  • Collaboration with credible third-party certification entities guides our responsible procurement decisions.

Resource Efficiency

  • Our goal is to be an industry leader in sustainable practices, continually enhancing our operations' environmental credentials.
  • We have targets to reduce our energy consumption and waste by promoting innovation and environmentally sound practices across the company.
  • In 2023 we became a net zero carbon business

Green Initiatives

  • We actively support green technology and aim to contribute to ecologically valuable advancements in the industry.

This statement articulates ltd.'s strategic environmental commitments and reflects our aim to be a responsible and environmentally conscious entity in the software development industry.

This policy statement directly supports UN SDGs 7, 9, 12, 13 and 15

Anthony Kirrane, Managing Director ltd trading as
Anthony Kirrane, Managing Director of Ltd., trading as

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