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Corporate Social Responsibility

Mission Statement aims to pioneer the transformation of information delivery, from paper-based to digital processes, promoting environmental and social responsibility whilst offering cutting-edge, productivity-boosting solutions for businesses of all sizes, large corporations, government bodies and non-government organisations.

We see ourselves making a significant contribution to global sustainability, by drastically reducing unnecessary paper and ink consumption by the end of this decade.

Bangl aspires to shape a future that marries digital innovation with ecological mindfulness. We aim to pioneer the transformation of paper-based workflows and static information delivery processes, substituting them with advanced, dynamic QR and NFC technology solutions, improving productivity and reducing waste.

Our mission, via our collaborative, value-added approach, is to become the trusted partner for organisations committed to a more sustainable future. We offer cutting-edge methods to minimise carbon footprint, eliminate waste, and support a sustainable supply chain.

As a British technology firm established for more than three decades, we are happy to share our experience in digitisation, combining it with the wide reach of our UK software development network. This puts us in a unique position to deliver a strong blend of tailored expertise, reliability, and innovation.

Bangl promises a smooth transition from paper-based to digital information systems. We provide out-the-box QR and NFC templates for a wide variety of standard uses, plus tailored solutions to meet individual needs.

We have set our sights on directly conserving tens of thousands of tonnes of unnecessary paper and ink by the end of this decade, significantly reducing the consumption of production and delivery resources in the process. By doing this, we believe we will contribute meaningfully to local, national and global sustainability goals.

Carbon Offset Strategy

We acquire Gold Standard carbon offsets that are verified to reach our carbon-neutral stance. These offsets contribute not only to diminishing carbon but extend further advantages. They supply essential funding for initiatives that might not come to fruition otherwise, advocate reforestation, the establishment and conservation of wildlife habitats, enhance air purity, and furnish employment opportunities and revenue for nearby communities. Alongside these efforts, our strategy is two-fold; to cut down wastage at the source by eradicating unnecessary paper use and by planting two trees for every paper process supplanted by a

Sustainability Goals

Our sustainability goals are simply to reduce energy consumption and to only use renewable energy whenever possible.

Monitoring and Reporting

We meet with external advisors once a year to review our efforts, check our metrics and plan for the year ahead.

Budget Considerations

We set a budget for all of our ESG activities for the year ahead every January.

Stakeholder Engagement

We communicate our efforts via our website CSR page found at

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