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Become a Bangl Associate

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join us in our quest to save paper, plant trees and play and active part digitising the world. Oh, and er, earn some cash on the side. Now what could be fairer than that?

About Us

At Bangl, we’ve committed ourselves to lessening the global carbon footprint by promoting digital alternatives to unnecessary paper and ink usage. The Bangl platform makes it easy for organisations to swap paper processes for digitised ones. Our array of products, from business cards to product manuals aim to eliminate waste while being more convenient, more sustainable and more flexible.

In addition, for every Bangl subscription sold we plant two trees via our partners at Tree Nation. And for every outreach we make, promoting our alternative to paper we also plant a tree.

Our ambitions are global but we are small. We need help from professionals who share our vision and believe in our approach. So, we're' inviting you to make a difference – both to your bank account and the planet – by becoming a Bangl Associate.

About You – a Future Bangl Associate

In selecting Bangl Associates, we look for certain standout qualities. These traits are essential to us as they ensure the high standards we uphold are maintained, they enable effective interactions and the execution of tasks to the best of our ability.

Here's what you need to become a successful Bangl Associate:

  • Ability to Follow Instructions: As a Bangl Associate, it's crucial for you to thoroughly follow our detailed instructions when identifying and preparing suitable individuals or companies. This ensures a smooth and efficient process and increases the chances of first-time acceptance by us of your introductions.
  • Attention to detail: We expect our associates to be meticulous, ensuring each detail is accurately presented and all guidelines are adhered to.
  • Basic Graphic Editing Skills: Proficiency in tools like Canva, Paint.Net, Adobe Suite, Gimp, Sketch, or other graphic editing software is required. You will be using these tools to create a mock-up of a Bangl Business Card using our template.
  • Quality focus: Bangl business cards are of the highest quality, and we do not accept submissions that are even a single pixel out of alignment.
  • Communication Skills: You will be required to communicate with us via email, so you must be able to write clearly and concisely.
  • Passion for the Mission: As a Bangl Associate, you should passionately believe in our mission to reduce paper waste and promote digital alternatives. We need associates who understand the environmental implications of unnecessary paper usage and are enthusiastic about driving the shift towards sustainable, digital solutions.

We're open to applications from anyone (over the age of 18) who wishes to become a Bangl Associate and start earning income while reducing paper waste, improving sustainability and re-foresting the planet.

About the Task

We're convinced that almost anybody, when given the choice to swap wasteful paper use for a more sustainable alternative, for less cost, would be interested to learn more at the very least. The best way we can do that is by sending those people free samples of the Bangl product so they try it out for themselves.

We face challenges:

  • Ensuring our proposal is swiftly understood and intuitive for our busy audience.
  • While many are eager for a better solution, we're outnumbered.

We're looking for individuals to become Bangl Associates and help us identify companies or individuals that would likely benefit from the Bangl platform. The companies or individuals that you propose to us, we refer to as 'Introductions'.

However there is a little more to making an introduction to Bangl than you might think.

An 'Introduction' at Bangl is much more than just a name. It involves gathering publicly available information about someone who, you believe, would genuinely appreciate and benefit from Bangl's services.

You propose that person or company to us and if we approve, using our templates, you create a state-of-the-art Bangl Buusiness Card. When we say create, we mean a digital mock-up (That’s were those basic graphic design skills come into play) as we will actually create the physical card.

Then you submit the finished article to us and if approved you earn. You earn for every single accepted introduction and if that introduction goes on to subscribe, you earn again, for as long as they remain a subscriber.

We then complete the process by manufacturing the free gift for the introduction and complete the outreach. We also plant a tree in your name as a thank-you.

So now you know the type of Associates we are looking for and the type of potential clients we are seeking. So what will we pay you?

About the Offer

We initially pay you £5 for each of your first five qualified introductions. However, if none of these convert into a Bangl subscriber, subsequent introduction payments are tiered.

When an introduction converts into a Bangl subscriber, we further reward you with 10% of the ex. VAT value of their settled subscription invoice.

For each outreach, we plant one tree in your name. And for each Bangl subscription, we plant two trees in the end clients name.

Find out more about the commission structure

Some examples of earning potential.

Worst case scenario for you:

You make an introduction to us which we accept. We make the outreach but nothing comes of it. In such a scenario you’d make £5 – that’s it. After three months we delete the information and prevent re-marketing to the same individual. Still, remember that you're five quid richer and the planet has another tree.

Okay-ish scenario for you:

You make an introduction to us which we accept. We make the outreach and that individual subscribes for a single Bangl. In such a scenario you’d make £5 and 10% of the monthly subscription value. Typically that is £2 but could be £1, £2, £3, £4 or £5 depending on options chosen by the client. So, taking the most likely value of £2 per month, you’d earn an additional 20 pence each month while the subscription continued. And remember, if the thought of all those 20p's does not have you running to WineRack to order a crate of Cristal at least the planet now has three trees that it never had yesterday.

Amaze-balls scenario for you:

You make an introduction to us which we accept. We make the outreach and that individual subscribes all their 1499 colleagues in their ginormous conglomerate firm to a Bangl Business Card at a value of £2 per month per Bangl.

In such a scenario you would earn:

£5 for the original introduction and 10% of the monthly £2 fee = 0.20p * 1500 Bangls = £300 * 12 Months = £3600 for the lifetime of the subscription. If the amount of Bangls increases, so do your earnings, if the number of Bangls decreases, so do your earnings. And, perhaps even more amazing, a total of 3001 trees would be planted. - Not bad for a part-time job and a full-time cause.

Remember, the last scenario is a massive stretch goal and would be very fortunate indeed for you, us and the planet.

The more subscriptions you facilitate, the more income you generate, and the more trees get planted. You earn, and the planet earns. You get 10%, the planet gets three more trees (one to offset the initial outreach and then two for the subscription), and our client gets to stop wasting paper and ink. It's win cubed.

While we trust in the good faith of all participants, we do reserve the right to review and, if necessary, decline any introductions if we suspect they're not in line with the spirit of this program. Our main aim is to maintain a fair and beneficial partnership for all parties involved.

First Steps

Enrolment in our scheme is free, but we do take care to ensure that our ambassadors share our vision and align with our values.

Our enrolment process includes a practice task to help you get to grips with the guidelines and processes.

On successful completion of the practice task, you will be invited to create your own Bangl Associate account, through which you will make introductions and earn commissions.

Your Rewards, Our Way

We will only pay direct in to a U.K. registered bank account. We will need to verify your identity a passport level of identification.

The 'Associate' part of our system is designed to automate and track your earnings.

You will receive your payment on a monthly basis and be able to withdraw your earnings after the first 30 days.

Be Responsible

The Bangl Associate program is open to anyone aged 18 years and over, in accordance with UK laws. We ask that all Bangl Associates respect the privacy and integrity of the individuals they introduce to us.

Under no circumstances should you make direct contact with your introduction, all communication should be handled through Bangl.

Join Us Today

So, what you waiting for, a written invite? Email us to get started as a Bangl Associate today. We are always here to support you, every step of the way. We're excited about your interest in Bangl and can't wait to welcome you on board. Let's make a difference together.

For all enquiries email