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Support has been designed from the ground up to be simple to use and navigate. However, if a picture paints a thousand words, how many more does a video?

Each of the videos below are short, to the point, and demonstrate a specific feature of the platform. Of course, you can always reach out to us if you get stuck and need a little assistance.

Getting started with

Watch this short video demonstrating the first steps you will take using the platform.


Running time: 1m 4s

Creating locations for organising your Ban.gls

Watch this short video to see a run through of how to create a location for use with your


Running time: 46s

Customising Your Ban.gls

Watch this video to learn how to customise the appearance and settings of your Ban.gls.


Running time: 1m 16s

Grouping Your Ban.gls

Learn how to group your Ban.gls for better organisation and easier management.


Running time: 30s

Generating Reports in

See how to generate and interpret various reports for your Ban.gls.


Running time: 32s

Your Forest

View how many trees have been planted on behalf of your organisation.


Running time: 17s

Using for Business Cards

Find out how to utilise to create digital business cards efficiently.


Running time: 1m 4s Documentation Overview

Using to replace paper based documentation is at the heart of what is about.


Running time: 53s

Using Check-In/Check-Out Features

Learn the basics of using the check-in and check-out features for effective tracking.


Running time: 1m 6s

How to Conduct Inspections with

Understand how to perform inspections and record them using the platform.


Running time: 53s

Learner's Passport Feature in

Learn how to use the Learner's Passport feature for educational tracking and assessments of your operatives.


Running time: 52s

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