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Enhanced KPI Reporting and Client Sharing now supports rich reporting of KPI data and the sharing of results with third-parties. We are excited to announce the addition of three new features to the platform: Groups, Reporting, and Report Sharing.

With these new features, users can create and manage Q and A Ban.gls by Location and Group, perform in-depth data reporting, and share insights effortlessly with third parties.

Our new Reports tab within the dashboard provides a Q and A report. You can select from all of your configured Q and A Ban.gls for inclusion in the report, and filter them by name, location, or group for a tailored reporting experience.

Each report provides a comprehensive view of each individual inspection conducted at any of the included Q and A sites, along with a Raw Data tab for in-depth analysis. This data is exportable to Excel or CSV formats for further exploration.

Share your reports with a third-party via a specialised Although password protection is mandatory, once setup, you have the freedom to share your insights with your chosen audience. Report updates are automatic and real-time, with a maximum delay of up to 20 seconds depending on system load.

First published: 11th June 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.

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