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QR Codes for Estate Agents –On-the-Spot Property Marketing

Estate and letting agents… please picture the scene. A potential buyer or renter is walking or driving down a street where they see one of your For Sale or To Let boards. It’s just the location they’ve been dreaming of and the property is spot-on what they’ve been looking for. But it’s night time, or Sunday. You’re spending valuable time with your family. So there’s no one to furnish your potential buyer or renter with the details they are desperate to see NOW.

If they’re made to wait to get more info or book a viewing, the moment might have passed. Or they may have found some place else to dream about. Sure, they can look it up online. But isn’t that a lot of messing about?

So how would it be if your prospective buyer or renter could simply take out their phones and scan a code to see the full property details there and then, right in the palms of their hands?

QR codes for estate agents are the thing to make this possible. What’s brilliant is that not only can prospects scan and link straight through to the property listing, they can also enter an exciting interactive experience where they get to see virtual tours and video footage, as well as directly book a viewing.

The beauty of property QR codes is that you can capture potential buyers or renters right there in the moment. They don’t have to fumble through cumbersome property portal search engines trying to find the right listing. And they don’t have to wait till the next day to phone you, when they’ll probably be at work or busy anyway.

Here’s why estate agent QR codes are fast becoming the industry’s must-have innovation. You can use them to…

Share property details on the spot – let prospects scan a sale or letting board for instant access to the full listing, or add them to window displays so passers-by can download particulars even when the shop is shut.

Suggest similar properties – a ‘sold’ or ‘let’ board can be used to full advantage by adding property QR codes directing people to similar properties that are still on the market. So that missed opportunity for a buyer or renter turns into a golden one for both of you.

Register for property alerts – display a QR code in your shop window, on your business card or marketing packs or in your online portal listings. Buyers or renters can scan and directly sign up to receive alerts matching their property criteria.

Book a viewing or valuation – property QR codes can be linked directly to your calendar system so buyers or renters can book viewings, or sellers/landlords can request valuations conveniently when they have a spare minute, without having to call you.

Share the property – make it easy for people to share properties they think their friends or family might be interested in by giving them a code they can forward on.

See investment potential – for property investors, being able to see a clear snapshot of potential returns is a massive lure. Scan a code, see the maths, make the enquiry. Job done!

Stop wasting paper – if you’re still distributing paper-based particulars which, let’s face it, really don’t say an awful lot, make the switch to property QR codes. People are more likely to engage with properties if they can see images and interactive footage. As well as your virtual property tours, you can also include recorded material from the local areas to showcase the location, video testimonials from your other happy renters or buyers to help instil trust in your agency, and perhaps even a personal message from your good selves to help engage your prospects. Why waste paper when you can go digital and embrace all these benefits?

Ready to embrace the potential of property QR codes?

Bangl QR codes for estate agents offer a raft of benefits. As well as delivering on-the-spot marketing and taking the whole property renting or buying experience to an interactive level, Bangl QR codes are also dynamic, multilingual and completely customisable.

This means you can update them any time without having to replace the actual code (so no reprints required). Anyone can access the information behind them in their native language (great for overseas and non-native buyers or tenants). And you can totally make them your own.

Our simple property QR code pricing plans are simple to work with too.

And finally... at Bangl, reducing the paper waste crisis and making a contribution to global sustainability is important to us. And that’s why we’ve decided to reward our customers by planting two trees on your behalf for every Bangl purchased.

To find out more about how it works with a Bangl QR codes for real estate listings. Contact us to discuss customising your codes to fit your specific needs.

First published: 19th September 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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