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QR Codes – The Easy Way to Take Digital Payments

Everyone these days is used to making contactless payments. In fact, more than half of adults younger than 50 don’t worry about having cash on them because they know they can rely on digital payments.

Everyone loves a speedy checkout. If you’re a retailer or in the leisure or hospitality business, it’s pretty easy to offer contactless credit card and mobile wallet payments, or to use mobile point of sale terminals.

But if you’re a market trader, a mobile hairdresser or beauty therapist, or a window cleaner or street vendor, maybe it’s not so easy to set yourself up for digital contactless payments on the go. And perhaps it’s not all that cheap either.

This is where QR code payments can really start to make things happen. And the great thing is there’s no need for terminals, merchant accounts and special handheld devices.

QR codes – those little black and white squares that you scan with your smartphone and stand amazed at the information that appears before your very eyes – are the perfect solution for taking digital payments.

Yes… QR pay is a thing. You can actually create a personalised QR code that your customers scan with their phones, and it takes them straight to their preferred mobile payment platform. PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay. Whatever they are happiest using. Or they can simply enter their chosen payment details on a payment page.

All the customer has to do is enter the amount to pay and submit. A QR payment is secure, makes customers feel safe and can even help boost customer loyalty by offering value-added convenience.

And there’s more that can be done with QR scan to pay technology.

If you run a business where your staff receive tips, maybe a restaurant or bar, a beauty or nail salon, a home delivery service or a hotel with room service, then how about making it easy for your workers to receive their tips digitally?

A QR payment code on a name badge makes it a breeze for happy customers to scan and pay their chosen gratuity, without having to fumble around for cash. Or experience that embarrassing moment when they’re longing to tip, but their pockets are empty, save for an old furry cough sweet and a long forgotten dry cleaning ticket.

QR code tips are so much easier, so much more convenient, and again, bring the beauty (and hygiene) of contactless into everyone’s lives.

And now for even more great QR payment ideas…

QR code donations for charities are the easy way to raise money for your cause. Place the code on virtually anything, or share it online so that people can easily donate their chosen amount with a simple scan.

And if you’re a street performer or busker, what could be better than a smile-raising sign inviting onlookers to scan and show their love for your art? QR code payments can be made straight to the artist’s PayPal or other online account. Simple, and very canny!

Looking to take QR code payments or donations? Look no further than Bangl!

With Bangl, you get to take digital payments the convenient way, without all the faff or expense of contactless hardware or merchant accounts.

Scan to pay QR codes from Bangl are customisable and offer the benefit of simple, no-nonsense pricing.

We’re here to help you take payments the easy way, and to make it a breeze to call in those tips and payments you so deserve!

First published: 30th March 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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