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Instruction Manual QR Codes – Why Print When You Can Scan?

Product manuals, quick-start guides, appliance handbooks and operating instructions have earned themselves a bit of a bad rep over the years. Often in the format of huge thick books or cumbersome broadsheet-sized leaflets that never fold back the way they came, these manuals are definitely not the easiest things to read.

They’re also wasteful, costly to update, and more often than not, one of the most frustrating things a customer has ever had the displeasure to try and navigate. And this is why for product manufacturers worldwide, the time has come to go digital and replace all that paper with a product manual QR code.

Does anyone actually read a product manual?

Of course they do! But only after they’ve hit a snag, or have a bagful of bits left over.

And we all know the reason for product manual apathy lies with the thought of trying to find your way through that mass of printed jargon. It’s no wonder so many people toss the manual aside, and instead grab their phones or tablets and turn to the search engines for help setting stuff up or putting things together. But isn’t that causing a rift between manufacturer and customer very early on in the relationship?

If a customer feels they can’t get what they need from you, it’s not going to get things off to the greatest start. And what if the instructions they find online are from an unofficial source and aren’t quite right? Even more problems could ensue. Brand reputation and loyalty are going to take a knock.

And that’s why you need to get in first. Get those official setup or operating instructions to your customer in the format they want them, before that relationship turns sour.

Customers want interactive manuals, not printed tomes

The fact is, people want clickable instructions. Stuff they can easily follow and jump straight to the bits they need. They want videos. Audio descriptions. Step-by-step interactive diagrams. And an on-hand chatbot to answer their questions or direct them to human help when they get stuck.

So you’re on board with this. But how do give your customers access to these resources you’ve so kindly created for them?

You could print a web link on your product packaging or welcome guide that takes people to a digital version of your manual. But that would involve your customer having to open a browser and type that link address in accurately. It’s tiresome. But scanning a QR code? That’s more like fun. And a whole lot easier.

And that’s why a product manual QR code is the way forward. All the customer has to do is open their phone camera and scan the code, and there they have all the information and visual prompts they need to get started setting up or building their latest purchase.

With instruction manual QR codes, instead of having to thumb through reams of paper, customers can tap a quick link to where they need to be. Setup. Parts inventory. Controls. Troubleshooting. Maintenance.

So those are the brand-reinforcing and customer retention advantages. But what else makes a QR code instruction manual so beneficial?

The hidden benefits of a product manual QR code

Instruction manual QR codes offer a whole host of benefits outside of being great for reinforcing brand loyalty and customer retention.


Dynamic QR codes can be updated any time. So instead of having to reprint reams of paper-based handbooks whenever something changes, you simply apply your changes to the digital information, and it’s job done.


By switching to a QR code-based digital manual, you slash resource consumption in many ways. From reducing paper waste to cutting out that whole energy expending printing and transportation process, there’s good news for the environment, and your profit margins too.


QR codes provide the ability to share information in a wide variety of languages, with your information translating automatically to match the language settings of the user’s phone. So no more translation costs involved in making your instruction manuals accessible across a range of native tongues.


Instruction manual QR codes can deliver information in pretty much any format. From text to videos, and from sound to images, you have that flexibility to use whatever medium best works for your product and audience. You can also easily create a QR code for a PDF.


When you switch from printed handbooks to an instruction or appliance manual QR code, you can weave in layers of marketing. From prompting customers to rate their purchase, to encouraging social media follows, sharing next-purchase discounts and promoting complementary products, there are so promotional opportunities to tap into.

Ready to digitalise your operating guides and handbooks with a product manual QR code?

Bangl instruction manual QR codes offer an array of advantages, from cutting paper waste to reinforcing brand loyalty and opening up all sorts of marketing opportunities.

First published: 21st July 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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