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Fashion QR Codes – Benefits and Uses

There are so many ways that the fashion industry can use QR codes. Designers, manufacturers and retailers alike can take advantage of all sorts of opportunities, from boosting sales and sharing brand history and supply chain information to growing social media following and personalising the customer experience. All with a simple scan of a printed, stamped, sewn or embroidered code.

Here’s a closer look at how fashion QR codes can be used to strengthen engagement, create transparency and boost brand loyalty in the fashion industry.

The benefits of QR codes for fashion

QR codes printed, stamped, sewn or embroidered on garments or accessories, or even integrated into the design of an item, provide a simple and engaging way for fashion companies to share information with a captive audience.

The great thing about fashion QR codes is that there’s not a hint of paper waste involved, and the data behind them can be updated any time, so the customer always has access to the most up to date information.

Placing QR codes on fashion items makes it possible to do all sorts of seriously smart things. Courtesy of a quick scan, you get to:

  • Share information – from materials and production processes to country of origin and care tips
  • Tell your brand story and share designer inspiration
  • Communicate sustainability and ethical values
  • Suggest complementary items and matching accessories
  • Promote new season collections
  • Open up access to augmented reality experiences, allowing customers to virtually try items on
  • Share discounts, competitions and other sales incentives
  • Advertise and sell tickets to events
  • Attract new social media followers with a direct scan-to-follow code
  • Support circular fashion – provide instant access to collection schemes and recycling programmes
  • Build valuable feedback with a direct scan-to-review code
  • Provide access to online and offline styling consultations
  • Open up an online chat with a customer service adviser for order help and queries

Bringing fashion items to life with QR codes

Fashion QR codes literally have the power to bring garments and accessories to life. The versatility of the information you can put behind them makes the world your oyster.

Behind-the-scenes videos, virtual reality supply chain or design process walk-throughs, ‘chosen for you’ image galleries, augmented reality try-on experiences, live chat with a fashion adviser or personal shopper… it’s not just about text-based content, although of course it can be that too. It really can be pretty much anything you want it to be.

The garment journey and circular fashion

Fashion designers and brands are migrating to a circular model en masse, promoting recycling, remodelling and reuse to extend product lifecycles, as opposed to the disposable fashion economy known for its contribution to the growing landfill crisis.

Fashion QR codes are the ideal way to support a circular model. As well as providing instant access to ‘next steps’ for the item, such as recycling or collection programmes, they can also be used to track the journey of the garment. The original buyer checks in and logs details such as where and when purchased, then when the item is sold on or donated, the garment journey tracker is updated by the new owner. As well as encouraging the owner to do the right thing by the item, it also gives subsequent owners down the line an endearing insight into its history.

Preventing fashion counterfeits

QR codes on fashion items can also be used to prevent counterfeits, which is a huge issue for the industry. Codes can be used internally to track production processes. They also allow complete transparency for customers to see every detail about the item, including a unique product code that can be verified via the designer or manufacturer to prove the item’s authenticity.

Ready to tap into the benefits of fashion QR codes?

Bangl QR codes for fashion brands have so many uses, and even more benefits. Whether you’re using them for marketing, customer engagement, education, brand storytelling or customer service, the versatility and functionality of these little black and white squares could help you take your fashion brand to the next level.

First published: 27th May 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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