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QR Code Invitations – the Simple Way to Manage your RSVPs!

Managing your wedding or special occasion party guests just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a fantastic piece of technology known as the QR code.

QR code invitations are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread (or air fryers). Instead of including a whole heap of information on a printed card, all you need to do is include the basics, and then use a personalised QR code to direct your guests to your online wedding or party page and gift list.

A QR code party invitation makes the whole process so much more streamlined (and fun) for your guests, but it also takes a whole lot of pressure off you as the event organiser too. Plus you can make the entire experience that bit more personalised, by adding a special video message from the bride and groom to be, greeting guests as they scan your wedding QR code and directing them to your wedding or party web page or ‘all you need to know’ info which you can easily create and store behind your code.

Why party and wedding invitations with QR codes are such a great innovation

You know when you’re putting your wedding or party event info together for your guests… you have so much to share, from the venue and times to the order of the day, places to stay, catering, dress code, etc., etc.

A lot of people choose to set up an online wedding or party page just for this reason, so they can put everything in one place rather than on the invitation itself.

But you still have to share that web page link. Enter mis-typed web addresses and frustrated guests trying to find your page. The solution? A scan-able QR code that takes your guests straight to where they need to be online, no tricky typing required.

But with a QR code invitation card, you actually don’t even need a wedding or party website. You can create a document with all the necessary info, and upload that to your code. And you can also create a QR code gift list that directs everyone to your online lists with your chosen retailers. AND you can create a party or wedding QR code RSVP specifically for guests to let you know yay or nay to your invite. So basically, it’s all JOB DONE thanks to QR code technology.

Another great thing about party and wedding invitations with QR code functionality is that the codes are dynamic. This means you can update your info any time, add to it or change it, and the code will update automatically without having to reprint. So no last minute panic trying to let everyone know of an unexpected change of plan.

Other uses for QR codes at weddings, parties and events

As well as using a QR code for invitations, you can also put them to good use at your event too.

Print out a QR code and frame it with a message of gratitude thanking guests in advance for donating to your ‘wishing well’ or nominated charity. The code links to your donation page, prompting guests to pay using their preferred method.

You can also create a QR code that links to your chosen wedding or event photo app or platform to make it a breeze for guests to share their own photos of the day with you. You can’t beat guest photos for those unexpected, reportage style shots to complement the more formal ones taken by your official photographer.

QR code invitations from Bangl, the QR code experts

QR code party invitation technology from Bangl is fully customisable, so you can create your code to share your invitation, RSVP or gift list just the way you want it.

Contact us to find out more about how to make organising your party or wedding a breeze with our QR code generator.

First published: July 9th 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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