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Gift QR Codes – The Ultimate Personalised Gesture for any Occasion

Looking for a personalised gift idea with a difference? Why not combine technology with thoughtfulness, and make it memorable with QR code gifts?

QR codes aren’t just for restaurant menus and marketing. There are so many ways you can use a smartphone-scan-able QR code as a gift or greeting. Here are some of our favourites.

Why QR code gifts?

Birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, good luck, new home, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas… how many times a year do you find yourself stumped for a decent gift idea?

The QR gift can be used for any of these occasions, and lots more. Here’s why…

They’re flexible, so you can put them on just about anything.

They can be completely personalised, so you get to say or share whatever you want. Words, pictures, audio, videos. Anything you like.

And they come with the element of surprise. Now that’s the fun part!

Now for some creative ideas for your QR gift…

QR code message gift card

Bring your special occasion messages to life with a scan-able QR code greetings card.

You can either design your card around the QR code, or add the code inside a regular greetings card. It’s what lies behind the code that matters.

Add a personalised text message; a joke, story or funny saying; a single picture or a photo gallery complete with your recipient’s favourite tune, or record a voice or video greeting to really bring the whole thing to life. You could even write a poem or a song. Well, why not?!

QR codes have plenty of space, so you can pretty much add whatever you like behind the scan.

Personalised QR code gifts

There is little you can’t print a QR code on. A QR code keyring is one of the most popular personalised accessory type gifts, but why stop there?

From mugs and coasters, to T-shirts and hoodies, and from pet collars and tags to badges and clocks, these are just some of the ideas that could make you seriously popular come gift giving time.

Corporate QR gifts

Looking for corporate gift ideas? Branded QR code gifts are the way forward.

We love using QR codes for marketing and promotions. There’s so much stuff you can share, from a simple website link to brochures, social media, promo videos, discount and promotional codes and lots more.

Print your QR code on a mug, a baseball cap, keyring, diary, calendar, mobile phone case, bag, coaster, reusable water bottle… anything you think your customers will appreciate, use it to your advantage and enjoy double impact for your investment. Because not only are you putting your branding in front of people, you’re also getting them to interact with your business.

The great thing about QR codes is that they are dynamic, which means you can update the information behind them any time you like. So all those corporate QR code gifts you had made will never go out of date. Plus you can track who’s scanned what and when and with what device, so you can see what’s worked best.

Ready to take your special occasion greetings to another level with gift QR codes?

Bangl gift QR codes can be used in all sorts of ways. The limit really is your imagination! From a birthday card with QR code greeting, to a QR code keyring, mug or clothing, there really is so much you can stamp your personalised message on.

First published: June 28th 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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