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How HR Managers are Benefiting from QR Code Technology

QR code technology is fast becoming part and parcel of everyday life, especially in the workplace. It’s there that it has the power to cut paper waste and streamline all sorts of tasks and processes, boosting productivity and saving time and money.

From protecting lone workers to managing vehicle fleets, and from check-in and sign-out systems to marketing and promotions, there is so much that can be made easier and more efficient courtesy of QR codes.

Human resources especially is a department set to gain a great deal by integrating QR code technology into its various functions, digitalising paper-heavy processes and making them very accessible. Here’s a look at just some of the ways in which HR teams can harness the power of QR codes to improve operations and get the very best out of the workforce.

What are the benefits of QR codes for HR?

From simplifying everyday processes, to boosting worker engagement, here are just some of the reasons why Human Resources QR codes are set to become the next best thing since the bean to cup coffee machine…

Simple to use – staff don’t need any training to use QR codes, just a smartphone with a camera.

Cost effective – with no need for hardware investment, QR codes can be generated easily and cheaply.

Environmentally friendly – ticking the sustainability box, QR codes cut paper waste in the workplace by providing access to always-up-to-date, digital versions of paperwork.

Trackable – many QR code applications are supported by analytics and tracking functions, giving the HR manager access to how and when users interacted with the codes – something incredibly useful for tracking engagement and performance.

So there we have some of the benefits of QR codes for HR. But how exactly can they be used to make a difference for workers and HR pros alike?


There’s only so much you can say in a job ad. But with a QR code, you have no restrictions at all.

So, instead of sticking to the basic job role info, you can go to town on duties, responsibilities, skills requirements, work environment details, company background and history, why work for us… you could also include a video showing the workplace with a ‘hi from the team’. The list really is endless.

Recruitment has changed in recent times. Attracting and retaining the best talent is all about creating the right impression and showing what you have to offer, not just what the candidate can offer you.

Also, by offering more insight into the role and workplace, it will help make sure you attract the right candidates, which will save you a whole heap of time.

Take handbooks, policies and procedures paperless

Human resources QR codes have the potential to help tackle the paper waste crisis. It’s not unusual to see a HR manager swimming in a sea of paperwork. Handbooks, policies, procedures, manuals… there’s so much information to share, and when it needs updating – which let’s face it, is pretty regularly – the whole lot has to be binned and replaced. A big OUCH for the environment.

But by using QR codes for HR forms, you can circumvent that whole problem, and show everyone your organisation is sustainability focused in the process.

Instead of presenting staff with stacks of paper, you simply provide a QR code for each asset. And because the codes are dynamic, you can keep the information up to date in real time, so every time the code is scanned, the most recent version is viewed.

Used in this way, QR codes for HR reduce clutter, cut paper waste and printing costs and generally keep things better organised and way more accessible for all.

Attendance tracking and access control

QR codes can be used to sign in and out of the office, creating an automatic attendance log, as well as a record of who’s in and who’s out for fire and health and safety compliance.

You can also use QR technology to track staff movements within the premises, as well as provide access to restricted areas. Because QR codes can be password protected, you can put an extra layer of security on selected codes so that only authorised personnel can gain entry.

As a check-in and check-out facility, QR codes are particularly valuable, especially where you have personnel working in offsite locations who need to be tracked for safety and service monitoring purposes.

Information sharing

One of the biggest challenges for HR and internal marketing teams is getting the workforce involved and on board with events and programmes.

Say you’re looking for volunteers for a charity fundraiser, players for a community sporting event, uptake for a training or mentoring programme… or you simply want to share the details of your upcoming staff away day or festive party, or remind people to make use of the company intranet.

Posters are great, but there’s only so much you can say in the confines of A3. Instead, deliver a teaser, then give them a QR code to scan to learn more via something way more engaging, such as a video.

Wayfinding QR codes

Corporate HQs are getting bigger. And activity based working – where people choose the areas of the building they know will be more conducive to getting certain tasks done – is becoming more commonplace

The problem is that workers are finding it increasingly difficult to fathom where they need or want to be.

Imagine, for example, working at Facebook’s London HQ, where the office space occupies 247,000 square feet over seven floors. Or at Google UK, whose headquarters cover 650,000 square feet. How would you even begin to find your way to that review meeting, team conference, or coffee break with your mentor? And as for locating those rest rooms when you need them most… enough said!

And that’s where wayfinder technology has come into its own. And with wayfinding QR codes, it becomes a whole lot easier.

A ‘LOST?’ poster with a wayfinding QR code can direct people to where they need to be, or you could have specific QR codes for specific locations, or even people. Scanning the code provides access to a route map which you can follow just like GPS. You have reached your destination!

Interested in harnessing the power of human resources QR codes?

HR QR codes have so much potential when it comes to streamlining processes, saving time and reducing paper waste.

First published: June 1st 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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