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Asset Management QR Codes

These days, our working lives are filled with so much ‘stuff’; gadgets for one thing, devices for another. It kind of makes you feel sorry for facilities managers whose job it is to keep track of all these assets, organise repairs and order replacements.

But if they don’t get on the supply-repair-replace case and fast, then productivity starts to suffer. Imagine the chaos a malfunctioning keyboard could cause. Or a defunct video conferencing camera… all meetings off for the day!

But what if every bit of kit we rely on for our everyday jobs was tagged with a scannable code? Now, instead of trailing through files or spreadsheets, all our facilities manager has to do is take out her smartphone, scan the code, and hey presto, there she has everything needed to place a quick replacement order, make a maintenance request or find out where there’s a standby going spare to save the day.

QR codes – empowering the asset manager

The QR code has seriously started to make a name for itself, and with the power to appease facilities and asset managers, its standing in the world of work can only get bigger.

QR codes have the ability to store a LOT of data. So for every item in your asset inventory, you could include anything from usage instructions to service histories, as well access to a re-order portal for rapid replacement. And it’s all done via an intuitive quick-action menu, which means there’s rarely any need for staff training. If there is, it’s minimal.

Because you can customise them, QR codes have the power to streamline asset management processes, in a big way. So costs are driven down, and productivity stays intact. Even better, the codes can be password protected with tiered access, so only authorised personnel get to do the important stuff.

Intrigued? Here’s how QR codes can be used to great advantage when it comes to managing, tracking and protecting assets:

Asset management

If you’re managing scattered workforces or multiple sites, monitoring equipment and other assets can become a real headache if you’re still relying on paper-based processes. It can lead to confusion, frustration, delays and even missing or damaged equipment.

QR codes can store information such as date of manufacture, supplier details, known location, warranty particulars and service and maintenance histories and contracts. It’s also possible for users to assign equipment to themselves, so you can see who’s got what.

In other words, QR codes make it so much easier to manage individual assets, restock or replace them, keep them operational by summoning service personnel, and make sure they don’t fall out of warranty. And when an asset has reached the end of its lifecycle, a scan of its code will reveal the legal or sustainable way to dispose of it.

Asset tracking

It’s a breeze to monitor the location of an item that’s been checked out or checked in using its QR code. Maybe that laptop or tablet someone needed to work from home last night, for example.

If you can see that an item is rarely on the premises, maybe it’s time to invest in more?

And if you can see it’s been checked out, then you won’t have wasted all afternoon searching high and low for it!

Asset lifecycle management

Where assets are poorly maintained, are not operating efficiently, are suffering a lot of downtime, or just aren’t fit for purpose any more, the negative impact on a business can be significant.

But when every asset has its own QR code, you get to stay on top of your asset inventory, effectively controlling reliability, availability, maintenance, support, operation, safety and energy efficiency aspects.

Imagine the positive cost and productivity implications of reducing or even eliminating equipment or machinery failures and making sure stuff never goes out of stock, just by automating the whole asset lifecycle management process, all courtesy of a simple scan.

Ready to streamline asset management? It all starts with a QR code generator.

QR codes from Bangl are customisable and offer the benefit of simple, no-nonsense pricing. They have the power to cut through asset management headaches and transform the whole process into a smart experience.

First published: 27th January 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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