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Retail Marketing 101 - 6 Ways to Use QR Codes on Receipts

The humble till receipt… waste of paper, or highly valuable marketing tool? We say it’s the latter. Because when you print QR codes on receipts, a whole new world of promotional opportunities opens up before your very eyes.

It’s so important for retail brands to take advantage of every avenue possible to engage with customers and cement that all-important long term relationship that keeps people coming back and brand loyal. And by harnessing the opportunities presented by that small printed ticket that everyone gets whenever they buy something in-store, they get to do just that.

Scanning a QR code has become second nature to many. So why not use this technology to your advantage, and get your customers interacting and engaging with you by printing customised QR codes on receipts?

Here are six of our favourite ways in which retailers can harness the power of a receipt QR code…


Share your thoughts on your experience to win a gift card.

This QR receipt code directs customers directly to an online questionnaire asking about their recent experience in your store. Everyone who completes the questionnaire gets entered into a draw to win a gift card to spend on their next visit. So you get valuable feedback, and the chance to make a customer very happy.


Spend less and enjoy exclusive member benefits by joining our loyalty programme.

This receipt QR code takes customers to your loyalty programme sign-up page, where they can discover all the benefits of becoming a member, from personalised rewards to loyalty points, discounts, freebies and other incentives that will make them more likely to stick with your brand.


Scan to access customer-exclusive discounts and promotional offers designed especially for you.

Show your customers you appreciate them, and get them to come back and spend more, by giving them exclusive discount codes and promotional coupons to spend either on your website or on their next in-store visit. By making the offers personalised to the customer, they’ll appreciate them even more.


Scan to follow us on your favourite social platform.

Building a social following has to be part and parcel of every retailer’s marketing strategy these days. And you can easily use QR codes on receipts to send your customers directly to your platforms.

Being able to get in front of your audience every day by appearing in their news feed is priceless. It’s the ultimate opportunity to keep your name front of mind, as well as promote offers to get customers back in-store or drive them to your website. And the chances of those offers being shared with their friends are pretty good too, so double advantage.


Scan the QR code to download our app!

What retailer wouldn’t want their customers to download their app? Apps put you right in front of your audience round the clock. So you can share personalised messaging, discounts and promotions, as well as enhance those customer relationships, and reinforce your brand.

A receipt with a QR code that takes the user direct to their app store makes the whole download process a breeze. And it makes it easier to share the app with friends too.


The quick and easy way to register your purchase – scan now!

Online warranty and guarantee registrations are the way forward, and it’s so much easier to use a receipt QR code to get your customers straight to where they need to be to register their purchase. Instead of fumbling about opening a browser and typing in a website address, all they need to do is scan your code, and there they are.

Printing QR codes on receipts is great because…

  • The information behind them can be updated in real time, so you can change it anytime you see fit.
  • When customers scan the codes, they can read the information in their own native tongue, because the technology detects the phone’s language settings.
  • You can use them for online order receipts as well.

Ready to start using receipt QR codes to your advantage?

Bangl QR receipt codes can be fully tailored and customised to meet any promotional objective. They’re affordable, flexible and ready to rock your retail marketing strategy.

First published: 30th July 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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