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The benefits of password protected QR codes

QR codes provide a seamless way to share information with an audience. Paperless, contactless, accessible and simple to implement and use, QR codes have virtually limitless functions across the enterprise, facilities management, marketing, tourism, sport, hospitality and leisure, payment and finance, and inventory management. And that’s just to name a few.

But when it comes to sharing information of a sensitive or confidential nature with selected individuals, a special type of QR code is called for. In these situations, what you need are password protected QR codes.

If you have information of a sensitive or confidential nature to share, or you’d like to restrict access to certain groups of people or hierarchies, then the good news is you can do so with a QR code password.

What are password protected QR codes?

Private QR codes with password protection allow you to share private data with only those you authorise. When a user scans the code, they are prompted to enter the required password on their smartphone screen to be able to access the data.

This ensures that only those who have been issued with the password can access whatever information lies behind your QR code.

What can password protected QR codes be used for?

There are so many scenarios in which you might wish to protect a QR code. Password protection doesn’t just make it possible to keep information private and restricted. It also allows you to track who has accessed that information courtesy of a login record.

When password protected, QR codes allow you to share almost any sort of content on a for-your-eyes-only basis. For example…

Confidential documents

You may wish to share a contract, agreement, test results, meeting minutes, plans, quotations, proposals, price lists, customer/client/patient lists, supplier details, news and marketing pre-releases and even unpublished copyright works. Basically anything that simply cannot, under any circumstances, fall into the wrong hands, can be supplied conveniently in digital format via a QR code, and protected with a unique password.

Paid content

If you offer downloadable content for which you make a charge, such as games, music and news, you’ll naturally only want to share it with people who have paid for it. So, in exchange for that payment, the customer gets a QR code password that grants them access to their content.

Asset management

QR codes have the power to make asset management a breeze. But you need to be careful when your codes allow for re-ordering and granting access for items to be checked-out of your building. And that’s where password protected QR codes save the day, allowing only those who are authorised to access the menus for re-ordering, checking-out and anything else you want to restrict, such as organising servicing or repairs.

Beta access

Got something you want tested behind closed doors? Private QR codes allow you to share a link to upcoming versions of anything from software and websites to games and apps, without putting them out to the world at large. This is helpful if you offer incentive rewards for beta testing, which many organisations do, as you can track the user’s interaction with the code via the login record.

Looking for a password protected QR code generator?

There’s a lot to like about QR codes. They save time and money. Users love them. And they’re a great deal better for the environment than printing. And when you add password protection, a whole raft of possibilities opens up.

Bangl QR codes can be password protected. In fact, you can assign an almost unlimited number of passwords to just one code.

Need to know more? Contact us. We’re here to help you protect your confidential information, whilst still being able to share it easily and efficiently.

First published: 31st January 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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