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QR Codes for Hospitality – Scan to Order, Pay, Rate, Book & More

Have you noticed that QR codes are appearing EVERYWHERE these days? Well it seems that way. And really it’s no wonder, because scanning is most definitely the new typing. After all, who wants to enter all that www. stuff into a browser? One wrongly entered digit and you’ve wound up somewhere you don’t want to be, then give up. But with a quick scan, you’re off and running, no messing about.

It’s no wonder then that QR codes for hospitality are making waves. Restaurants, bars, cafés and hotels are treated to a wealth of potential in terms of operations, sales and marketing, all thanks to a little black and white square.

Yet to embrace the QR codes for hospitality revolution? Read on to discover just how you could benefit.

Table ordering QR code

As well as making it so much easier for diners to order what they want from the comfort of their table, QR code ordering delivers multiple benefits for the establishment owner.

You get to reduce wait times, cut front of house costs, and there’s a good chance you’ll see order sizes increase too, as you upsell your dishes with sides and garnishes with a simple ‘+’ button and special deals.

When customers scan a menu QR code, they are freeing your staff up to focus on enhancing the visitor experience, as well as making sure everyone’s getting exactly what they want, when they want it.

Rate your visit QR code

The value of customer reviews is unquestionable. As well as amazing advertising for your venue, reviews are important as a measure of service and product quality.

And online reviews go a step further, by boosting your search engine rank-ability and trust factors, and creating valuable user-generated content.

So when you make it easy for happy customers to rate their experience, you’ll be more likely to benefit. A rate your visit QR code is a simple way to collect reviews, directing them to your platform of preference, be it Google Reviews, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, OpenTable, Facebook or something else.

Even negative reviews can be turned on their head. Resolved swiftly with an offer to put things right, they can work in your favour. And you can use them as an opportunity to make improvements too.

Scan for nutritional information

These days there’s so much nutritional information to share that it can literally take over your menu.

Allergens, nutritional value, calorie counts, dietary preferences… whatever it is you wish to communicate with your diners, it’s so much easier with a digital menu QR code.

There are multiple ways to put this concept to good use. For example:

Specific dietary needs - scan to see our gluten-free, lactose-free, low-sugar/reduced fat/low salt options

Dining preferences – Scan for vegetarian, vegan or organic alternatives

Allergens – scan to check which of our dishes contain common allergens – search by allergen to eliminate your risk dishes

Scan for WiFi

By providing guests with internet access courtesy of free high speed WiFi, you’ll encourage them to stay longer. Fact! Plus you’ll be more likely to see them spending time on social media, sharing their experience at your establishment, posting photos and stories.

According to Devicescape, 62% of business owners responded that customers spent more time at their establishment since they began offering Wi-Fi, while 50% said that customers ended up spending more money.

The only annoying thing about free WiFi is having to enter a frustratingly long-winded join code. But with WiFi QR codes for hospitality, all you have to do is scan the code, and bang, you connect automatically. There’s also an option to simply show the login details too, which saves staff having to keep relaying them when asked.

Scan to book your next visit

So your guests loved their visit. Now they’re hot leads for future bookings. So why not make it easy for them to secure their next attendance by giving them a code to scan and book? You could even tempt them with a loyalty discount, a special gift for coming along today.

Any marketer will tell you that gaining brand new customers is considerably more costly than selling to existing ones. So why not take the opportunity to capitalise while the going is good, the great food is still tantalising their taste buds, and they’re ready to come back again soon?

Scan to sign up to receive updates

There’s a lot you can do marketing-wise with QR codes. One of them is collecting sign-ups for your campaigns.

Tempt them with a sign-up offer, such as a discount or free drink voucher, and you’ll hook them in to your mailing list, ready to receive all your offers and updates.

Scan to follow us on social media

You can use QR codes for hospitality to build your social media following. Social media QR codes take people directly to your platforms with a simple scan.

So there’s no messing about trying to find you manually on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or TikTok. They just go straight there, hit follow, and they’re part of your community, ready to engage, recommend and share.

Ready to learn how to harness the potential of QR codes for hospitality?

Bangl QR codes for hospitality can be used in so many ways. From a QR code menu that makes it easier for patrons to order and pay at the table, to all sorts of operational streamlining and marketing possibilities, there is a huge amount you can use these little black and white squares for in this industry.

First published: 11th June 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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