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QR code check in sign out revolution making life easier

QR codes have many uses, and plenty of redeeming features too. And for anyone looking to speed up and secure the check-in and sign-out process for employees, contractors and visitors, these scannable squares have a lot to offer.

A QR code check-in and sign-out process makes the whole experience way more streamlined for everyone involved. For the people going in-and-out, and for those tasked with managing visitors, employees, contractors, operatives, and whoever else needs to be tracked for health and safety, occupancy monitoring and attendance.

How does a QR check-in system work?

Anyone can sign in with QR code technology. All it takes is a printed QR sign in code, and a smartphone. The entire process is contactless and paperless. It is data protection compliant too.

Whether it’s a visitor arriving for a meeting, a member of staff, contractor or operative turning up for work, a gym or club member attending a session, or a customer showing up for a booking, QR code sign in makes their arrival a simplified affair.

All they have to do is scan the QR sign in code with their smartphone, and they instantly land on an appropriate screen to follow whatever process or welcome you see fit.

Visitor QR code check in

Your visitor arrives at reception, scans the welcome sign in QR code, and is prompted to enter their details. If you want them to answer additional questions or agree to terms, you can include those fields.

Once accepted, the visitor can either be asked to wait for their host to arrive, or they can be given on-screen directions to where they need to be. It’s even possible to alert the host that their guest has arrived, so that they can either do the meet and greet thing, or await their arrival at the designated meeting place.

The visitor’s details are securely stored to keep track of real time building occupancy, meeting fire safety requirements. On leaving, the visitor scans the check-out QR code so that the record is updated.

Booking QR sign in

Whether it’s a hotel or restaurant booking, a salon appointment or a gym session, QR code sign in and out makes the entire experience contactless and user-friendly.

A QR code check in system for hotels can be configured to issue guests with a smart key for room access via their smartphones. Using a QR code to check in to a restaurant, diners can on arrival enter information, such as dietary preferences, so that these are formally logged.

Naturally, for the human touch, there is nothing to stop you combining your QR check in process with a personal meet and greet. The beauty of using a QR code to check in is that the system can be configured to notify front of house as soon as someone has signed in. But because all the admin has been done via the sign in QR code, they can focus more on service and customer care.

Staff and contractor QR check in system

Staff, contractors or operatives. Whoever you need to keep track of on yours or a customer’s site, a business check in QR code will make the task so much more simplified.

QR code sign in and out is something the team here at Bangl developed for the UK’s largest flooring contractor, Loughton Contracts PLC.

In need of a fast, efficient and reliable way for their operatives to register at a site from a distance, we got to work creating giant QR check in codes fixed to metre square boards that could be scanned by operatives from up to 50 metres away.

We configured the QR check in system to deliver a personalised welcome to each operative arriving on site, highlighting any outstanding ‘Toolbox Talks’ or health and safety updates of which they needed to be notified.

The QR sign in code also provides access to job sheets, and other site-relevant documentation.

Once an operative signs in or out, head office is notified in real time so that they are always clear on who is where at any given time.

Looking for a business check in QR code generator?

QR codes have a lot to offer in a commercial environment. They save time and money, enhance the visitor experience, help organisations to remain compliant, and can help towards tackling the paper waste crisis too.

The Bangl QR code visitor management system is the ultimate way to streamline the entire check-in and check-out process, no matter what type of business you run.

Need to know more? Contact us. We’re here to help make the everyday that bit easier for business owners.

First published: 25th January 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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