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QR Codes – The Sustainable and Memorable Way to Send Corporate Christmas Greetings

Sending company Christmas cards in the post may be a dying tradition for businesses, especially those with an eye on sustainability and reducing paper waste. Email Christmas cards are an alternative, but does anyone actually look at them? And do they even make it past the spam folder?

There are countless benefits when it comes to sending printed corporate Christmas cards. But yes, we get it… they take forever to write out, they’re costly to print and post, and they directly contribute to the paper waste crisis. So for the business that’s keen on keeping costs down and has an ESG policy to honour, traditional printed Christmas cards are pretty much off the agenda.

Email Christmas cards are the obvious alternative. But they have their downsides.

They’re easy to miss in a full-to-bursting inbox. They often get caught in spam filters. Some can be tricky to open, with images being automatically blocked. They can easily be inadvertently deleted. And let’s face it, they’re a tad impersonal.

Not too many points scored there then for the Christmas e-card.

Some companies opt to make a contribution to charity in lieu of sending Christmas cards. That’s fantastic. But you’re still missing out on the benefits of sending corporate Christmas cards.

The benefits of sending corporate Christmas greetings

There lots of ways companies can benefit from sending business Christmas greetings:

Brand awareness – sending company Christmas greetings keeps your business fresh in the minds of clients and contacts, and helps cement relationships with prospects.

Rekindling relationships - if you haven’t done business with a particular client for a while, sending a Christmas greeting is a great ice breaker to get the conversation flowing again.

Say thank you – showing your appreciation for the past year’s business can go a long way when it comes to staying on the approved suppliers list for the year ahead.

Humanises the business – when you send personalised Christmas greetings for clients, it shows you have humans running the company. Who wants to deal with a faceless entity?

Shows you care – the festive season is the ideal time to show your clients you value them, and what better way to do that than to send corporate Christmas greetings?

How to send personalised Christmas greetings without wasting resources?

So we’ve established why we should be keeping in touch with our clients during the festive season. But we also know we can’t keep wasting paper and other resources. And that Christmas e-cards have their downsides and aren’t personal enough.

So, what’s the solution?

Step in Christmas QR codes. The environmentally friendly way to send fully personalised, memorable corporate Christmas greetings has finally arrived.

Say goodbye to boring, static Christmas e-cards. Instead, say hello to fun, interactive business Christmas greetings that you can make as personalised as you like.

With Christmas greetings QR codes, you can put whatever you like behind the code. All your recipient has to do is scan it to reveal their message. Send it by email, WhatsApp, DM it, post it on social media, add it to your newsletters… the choice is yours.

Here are just a few ideas of what you could be sending your clients this festive season courtesy of Corporate Christmas cards QR codes…

  • A personalised video message from your client’s dedicated contact to say ‘thank you’ for their business this year
  • A team video, with everyone together extending their Christmas wishes
  • A show reel summarising all the fundraising and charity work your business has done this year – including donating what you’d usually spend on printed Christmas cards
  • A fun Christmas carol special – record everyone in the office singing a festive carol
  • The year ahead – a video, animation or presentation showing all the valuable innovations you’ve got planned for the New Year
  • Scan to reveal a gift – a retail voucher, or a discount off your products or services

The limit, as they say, is your imagination!

Double the benefit with Bangl Christmas QR codes

Tackling the paper waste crisis and making a contribution to global sustainability is important to us here at Bangl. So we’ve chosen to reward everyone who purchases a Bangl QR code by planting two trees on their behalf.

So that means that not only will you be supporting your own corporate sustainability goals by switching from traditional printed company Christmas cards to a Bangl QR Christmas greeting, you’ll also be contributing to rekindling our vital forests.

Bangl Christmas QR codes are dynamic, multilingual and fully customisable. And our pricing plans are a breeze to navigate.

Here’s how it works with Bangl Christmas greetings QR codes. Contact us to discuss customising your codes to fit your specific needs.

First published: 11th September 2023 | Author: Anthony Kirrane.
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